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My name is Chris Irwin, and I spent twenty years as a Navy SEAL. It's a job that obviously requires grit and the ability to endure pain. You have to be mentally tough. However, after the military, I learned something about myself that I found shocking: I wasn't mentally fit.

All I knew how to do was "suck it up and suffer in silence," which is a necessary mindset for conducting special operations. However, it's useless and even counterproductive for combating anxiety, depression, PTSD, or any other similar mental challenge. None of my training included instruction on how to deal with those issues. And once I left the Navy, I unfortunately faced all of them.

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This is a photo of me at the end of my Navy career. Everything appears fine, right? I certainly look healthy physically. But what you can't see is that mentally, I was 200 pounds overweight.


Armed with only the tool of mental toughness, I then spent nearly a decade internalizing my problems. I would grind through the day or sequester myself as needed. Only my immediate family knew what I was dealing with.

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This included debilitating physical symptoms, including dizziness, brain fog, numbness, rapid heartbeat, lightning bolt sensations, blurred vision, tinnitus, headaches, tremors, tingling, random pains, extreme fatigue, and gastrointestinal problems, to name a few.

As a result, I saw dozens of practitioners, tried all sorts of unorthodox therapies, and ingested thousands of supplements. But none of it genuinely healed me.


Seemingly out of options, I got so low in late 2019 that I nearly took my own life. Luckily, I shot a selfie of myself instead. Here's what I looked like that day.


The shift toward recovery happened when I realized all the ways my mind was at the root of my illness and started working to reverse the damage I was doing.


Over the next few years, I explored every aspect of mental training I could find, from meditation and breathing to emotional release techniques and energy work. Eventually, I emerged with a new lease on life and an understanding of what it takes to build a genuinely fit mind. It goes way beyond just mental toughness.

I also learned that anyone, no matter how accomplished, badass, or celebrated, can be mentally unfit. I certainly was. But unfortunately, very few people understand the power they have to heal themselves. My mission now is to teach others the methods I uncovered in a structured methodology and a fraction of the time.



If you are suffering or think your mind is your biggest liability, allow me to show you how it can be your path to health and your greatest asset through the pursuit of mind fitness.

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Everyone understands that physical health exists on a spectrum, and if we want to be fit, we have to eat well, exercise, and get adequate sleep. It's a training model that takes time, dedication, and discipline. If we are morbidly obese, we can eventually have six-pack abs or run a marathon. But it takes time, and we must do the work.

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But with mental health, we believe we have "problems" requiring treatment like drugs or therapy. It's a binary model laden with stigmas and terms like "condition," "disorder," and "disease." We are told we are powerless and that something or someone else must fix us.

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But here is the perspective shift I need you to have... Most people are not mentally ill. They are mentally out of shape. Genuine mental illness exists, just like genuine physical illness. However, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are not contagious or caused by pathogens. They are just destructive patterns of behavior based on how we respond to life. And even something like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can stem from what essentially boils down to a mental reaction.


The reality is that the health of your mind is no different than that of your body when it comes to trainability. No one will ever be able to have a more significant impact on your mind than you, just like no one can work out for you. The problem is that most people have no idea how to train their minds. There isn't an established equivalent of diet, exercise, and recovery when it comes to mental fitness... until now.

Treating invisible wounds, decoding mysterious conditions, and ultimately thriving are all possible and within your power. I can teach you exactly how to build a fit mind and develop your own personal regimen to maintain it for life. And it doesn't require supplements, drugs, or therapy.

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